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Learn how emerging technologies are reshaping businesses of the future, in the post COVID-19 era.

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Why this course?

Technology is no longer just a tool to help people do their job more efficiently. The most successful companies are not simply doing the same things more efficiently with technology; rather, they are using technology to conduct business in entirely new ways.


Who is this course for?

The Technology for Leaders course is relevant for all senior leaders, managers, founders, VP's, GM's, CXO's, CTO's, CIO's etc. who would like to understand how new and emerging technologies are changing business landscapes and opening up new opportunities which did not exist before.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on understanding new technologies and how they can help you become a better leader, this course is for you.

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15 Modules
Case Studies
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Course Modules - What all you will learn in this course?

01. Cloud Computing

Learn how Cloud Computing will replace traditional data center based computing and what the key differences are
What you will learn:
Basics of Cloud Computing and the various services offered
Cloud Computing vs Traditional data centers
Practical examples of Cloud Computing providers and their key differences
Case studies of companies which have moved to the Cloud and how they are leveraging it

02. SaaS (Software as a Service)

Under SaaS (Software as a Service) and whether or not your company can move to a SaaS model?
What you will learn:
What is SaaS and how it works?
How other major companies have transformed to SaaS models and how successful they have been
SaaS vs Licensing and other differences

03. IOT and Wearables

Understand the basics of Internet of Things and connected devices
What you will learn:
Fundamentals of IoT and what it means
The possibilities of making existing devices connected and smarter
How to get started with IoT in your organization

04. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality

Understand the exciting new possibilities that AR, VR and MR are about to open up!
What you will learn:
Fundamentals of AR, VR and MR
Understand the various domains and possibilities that AR and VR will open up, including tourism, education, conferencing etc.
Understand what is required to empower your organization to start taking the benefits of AR, VR and MR

05. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Understanding of basics of Blockchain and how the open and distributed ledger system works.
What you will learn:
What is Blockchain and how it works
What are Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO's etc.?
Pros and Cons of a decentralized structures compared to traditional networks

06. Big Data

Understand the basics of Big Data right from the definition of the word itself.
What you will learn:
Understand whether or not Big Data is relevant for your organization?
How do Big Data technologies allow your existing company data to be used for deep insights in your customer behaviour?
Learn how Big Data can help in predictions and forecasting
Why Big Data may be relevant for your organization in future, even if it isn't right now
Case studies of other companies using Big Data to drive intelligent business decisions

07. Machine Learning / AI

Understand the basics of the biggest buzzword of the 21st century
What you will learn:
What exactly is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
Is it still a hype or have companies actually started using it for real business decisions?
Basic concepts of how ML and AI actually works (without getting into too many details)
Some examples and case studies of how ML and AI can benefit your organization

08. Growth Hacking

You've built your cool new product. But now what? That's Growth Hacking for you
What you will learn:
Learn the various tips and tricks of Growth Hacking
Some smart examples and ideas used by other companies in the past to grow their products
Insights on how you need to plan for growth as a feature and not as an after thought

09. SEO, ASO and SEM

Understand what is Search Engine Optimization and how it works.
What you will learn:
Basics of SEO and ASO, how it works and how it effects your business and web traffic
Differences between on-page and off-page SEO techniques
Basics of Search Engine Marketing, Retargetting Ads etc.

10. Analytics and Marketing automation

Learn how you can use Analytics and Marketing automation for getting intelligent insights about your customer and use that for automating many digital marketing activities.
What you will learn:
How Marketing automation works?
Tools and Ideas - What all can you do with marketing automation?
Case studies of companies where marketing automation is helping drive better sales and growth

11. Voice Assistants

Learn how customers are using voice as the new "user interface" and opening up never seen before business possibilities
What you will learn:
How Voice Assistants work, including Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant etc.
Case studies and examples on various kind of voice enabled interactions
Expected growth patterns and ideas on voice enabled applications of the future

12. 3D Printing

Understand 3D Printing and what it can do.
What you will learn:
Basic concepts of 3D Printing
3D Printing - What it can do and what it can't
Case studies on how companies are using 3D printing for quick prototyping and even production ready samples!

13. Robots and Drones

Learn how drones and robotics will change home and office automation soon.
What you will learn:
What are drones and how they work?
How you can start using robots and drones in your business
Case studies of companies using drones and robots actively in day to day use

14. One to One Session with your Mentor

A FREE 1 hour one-to-one video session is included in this course.
In this session, you can:
Ask your doubts and queries about what you have learned in the course so far
Ask domain specific questions on how you can apply these learnings to your organization
Get personalized and practical advise on IT possibilities and implementation suggestions

Add-ons (Optional)

15. Simple Hands-On Programming

Get your hands dirty and understand the basics of programming. Who knows where it will take you?
What you will learn:
How to write your first "Hello World" program
Basics of programming - Variables, Arrays, Conditions, Loops etc.
Get personalized and practical advice on IT possibilities and implementation suggestions

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Gaurav Gupta
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Coding since the age of 8 and having worked in technology for over a decade, Gaurav is a strong believer that technology and business must go hand in hand. With his experience of working with 50+ companies in the past 14+ years, he will be your perfect mentor for this course.

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